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What goes in, will eventually come out and with this in mind we offer the most affordable storage solutions on the market as short and long term storage for our business is about assisting our expanding clientele base with a specialised pricing structure devised to save you money!

Knowing there will be two moves or in some cases more for each storage customer, we charge by the cubic metre as opposed to an entire shed or locker you don’t have use for...

Short Term Storage

 Our secure short term Central Coast storage is commonly used when you need somewhere to store your goods while in transition between homes. This can be very common when you are purchasing a new home or going in a rental. For example, if you are purchasing a property and settlement has been pushed back unexpectedly or there was a last minute change and your new home is not ready yet.

Short term storage is also a great option if you were renovating a few rooms in your house and you needed somewhere to store your goods on the Central Coast while the renovation was going ahead. This is also when the payment structure works really well, as you may be continually changing the amount of storage you have with us. If this was to happen, we are able to change the amount you pay to the nearest weekly interval.

Long Term Gosford Storage

Moving overseas? Downsizing homes but don’t want to lose some of your prized possessions? Going on a long term work or leisure holiday? We have a secure long term storage warehouse available in West Gosford for your valuable goods!

You can store your goods in our Central Coast storage facility for as long as you need. Rest assured your items will be locked and sealed in an industry-recommended wooden module where only Surfside Removals staff members are able to access. The reason for the wooden modules is that they are known to be the safest protection for your belongings. The natural fibres are able to breathe, meaning your valued furniture is protected from degradation and mould.

For both short and long term stays our professional removals and storage team can organise pick-up and delivery of your items from anywhere on the Central Coast and elsewhere by arrangement.

Our Storage Benefits:

  • Our Central Coast storage is available to all customers who use our relocations services.
  • Billing is weekly - not locked in for months or years.
  • Pay by the cubic metre - so you are paying for the exact amount and there is no wasted space.
  • Efficient and safe to load and unload as it is warehouse storage - no lifts.
  • We record each customer and their specified goods who enters and departs.
  • Flexible options with generously sized wooden storage modules in our secure Gosford storage warehouse.
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Testimonial from one of our happy moving and storage clients:

I moved from Sydney to the Central Coast. I cannot thank Surfside Removals enough for the service I received recently. I was in such a stressful situation with settlements on the house we were buying being changed so often but Andrew was always there and calmed me down and told me not to worry. Things would be ok and he worked around the situation. His boys I can't praise enough for their effort in picking up, storing then picking up from that location and then to my house. Nothing was a bother. The boys were courteous, worked hard they were very careful with my furniture. I would recommend their service to anybody I know who will be moving. I felt Surfside Removals & Storage were definitely the right choice. ~ Sandra Bastoli 2/2/2016

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