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Below you'll find a list of regular questions regarding removals, insurance, quoting and payments.

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What are your standard pick-up and delivery times?

Typically we like to arrive on site at between 7-8am and will deliver up until 7pm.

Do you move customers residing in flats/apartments or places that are hard to access?

Absolutely, we have a fleet of vehicles suited to any size move and during the booking process advising our Surfside consultant of all relevant details will help us to pre-plan how to best approach your move.

How do you protect furniture during transit?

All of your furniture will be wrapped in heavy duty quilted pads while we stock purpose built plastics for dining chairs, lounge suites and different sized mattresses for purchase.

Do you offer a packing/unpacking service?

Yes, whether it be one room or your entire home, our team are experienced professionals to pack your valuables.

If I am moving interstate or long distance, how does this work?

Pending location, typically we pick-up your items and deliver to your new residence the following day. This is achieved on all NSW intrastate and NSW-VIC/QLD moves we conduct.

Are there any hidden fees/charges on moving day?

Definitely not, with 95% of our moves being fixed price we like to have everything predetermined to make moving day relaxed and stress free on both parties.

How long will the move take?

When our Surfside consultant provides your quotation, they will explain how the removal will be structured and estimated time frame the crew should take for the removal process.

Will we be notified when the removalists will arrive?

Yes, your designated crew will send you an SMS during transit giving you a to the minute ETA whilst on the way to your pick-up address. For interstate trips you will receive an SMS for both pick-up and delivery.

Will you disassemble and reassemble my furniture?

Our team will disassemble and reassemble beds for your relocation. However, the disassembly and reassembly of swing sets and trampolines will incur further chargers. Please notify our Surfside consultant upon booking if you require specialty items disassembled and reassembled.

Do you move pool tables and pianos?

Yes, these items are classified as specialty items and are charged at a set price depending on size and access.

What items can’t you transport?

Legally we cannot transport anything that is flammable, explosive or toxic including items like aerosol cans, swimming pool treatments, pesticides, oil or cleaning solvents.

Where are my goods stored?

Your goods would be stored at our secure Central Coast storage facility in industry-preferred and generously sized timber modules. Our crew will load your goods directly into the module/s before conveying them to our warehouse located in West Gosford. Our Surfside consultant will be able to advise what size storage you'll require and set a weekly/monthly price for your storage needs.

Insurance, Quoting & Payments

Do I have to get insurance for my goods during transit?

We have Full Carriers Liability Insurance. This cover is for a major situation that may occur in transit such as fire, flood, collision and overturning of vehicle.

How long is my quote valid for?

We stand by any quote we provide irrespective of time and our Surfside consultant will verify your inventory prior to any quote acceptance to ensure both parties are satisfied.

How much notice do you need to make my booking?

The more notice we have the more likely you are to secure the date that best suits you. In some cases we will have availability to move you within a few days, but this all depends on current schedule. In peak seasons, such as Christmas and Easter, it is best to book a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to your move date.

What happens once I have decided to accept your quote?

Simply call or email the office and we will confirm date, pick-up and delivery address for you. You will be sent a confirmation email outlining all the specifics and relevant details of your move. We will then contact you before the removal day with an arrival time.

Do I have to pay upfront and what are payment methods?

We always organise a 10% booking deposit to secure the booking for both parties peace of mind. We accept payment via EFT, cash or credit card (Visa and Mastercard).

What are your invoicing terms?

Payment for services is to be made upon arrival at the pick up location via credit card, cash, EFT or cheque

What if my date changes?

For a multitude of reasons sometimes settlement dates and/or entry dates are altered. Should this happen, simply call the office and we will work together to achieve the best result for your move and a revised date with as little disruption to your family and work schedule.

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