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At Surfside Removals we operate a versatile fleet of five vehicles suitable to handle all types and size moves irrespective of conditions surrounding your relocation. We cater for everything from a mansion on top of a hill to one box going around the corner.

60m3 Removals Truck

Capacity: 60 cubic metres
Ideal for 3+BDR moves

55m3 Removals Truck

Capacity: 55 cubic metres
Ideal for 3+BDR moves

27m3 Removals Truck

Capacity: 27 cubic metres
Ideal for 2BDR Homes/Units/Townhouses

Flatbed Truck

Support Vehicle
Flatbed truck ideal for securing loads destined for temporary/long-term storage.

Service Utility

Capacity: Ideal for 1-5 item moves, inner city pick-ups and deliveries
Utility used primarily for packing jobs, box deliveries and pick-ups. Used on occasion as a ferry vehicle for inner city high rise work when access to lifts is via an inaccessible garage.

Our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure that we’re always on the move and keeping our expanding client base satisfied with a high level of customer service.

Whether access poses a problem, only a small truck is needed or for an interstate relocation where our large truck and trailer is required, we have options to suit.

All of our trucks have a pan specially designed for removals featuring hardwood floors, tying rails along the sides and ceiling and wood lined walls. They are also equipped with a large stack of removals blankets, port-a-robes for hanging clothes, spare packing materials available for purchase/rent, lounge and mattress covers and finally our tools, trolley & dollies.

In recent times we have seen rapid growth and it is becoming increasingly more frequent for us to hire an additional truck to keep up with the demand which has led to future planning where our goal is to add a fifth vehicle to the family at some stage this year.

With the expansion of our storage capabilities we also have a forklift at our depot to transport wooden storage modules arriving and departing reducing the need for double handling of customers goods.


We work on cubic metre capacity and it is critical that the estimated volume is correct so that the right truck is sent to uplift so that our skilled staff can plan the loading and safe arrival of your goods taking into account any access issues that may need to be taken into account.

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